Experiential learning programs

Students working at Brilliant Labs, completing an experiential learning program


Work-integrated learning

  • Embedded in program or course design and includes third party engagement, e.g., employer, industry or community partner.
  • Includes co-op education, internships and practicum/clinical placements.


Community-engaged learning

  • Can be curricular or co-curricular.
  • Involves substantial engagement with a community partner.
  • Related to a students’ academic programs and involves reflective practice within the learning opportunity.
  • Includes some co-ops and internships, course-based, applied research, and capstone experiences.

Nihkanapu UNB/Nikanaptmu’k UNB

Indigenous experiential learning

  • Offers culturally relevant and safe work-integrated learning opportunities for Indigenous students culturally safe experiential learning for Indigenous students
  • Is grounded in Indigenous worldviews
  • Recognizes Indigenous relationships to Land is the essential foundation of Indigenous Knowledges and identity
  • Places Indigenous students in contexts that value Indigenous ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing
  • Provides financial, academic, cultural, and/or organizational support for Indigenous students and partners to create culturally safe experiential learning
  • Provides leadership and training to educate partners about Indigenous culture to ensure culturally safe placement sites for Indigenous students
  • Reflects UNB’s commitment to piluwitahasuwawsuwakon

Avenir NB/Future New Brunswick/Future Wabanaki

New Brunswick’s provincial commitment to experiential learning

  • Supports wage subsidies for students partnering with employers for work-integrated learning placements
  • Reduces financial barriers that hinder participation in experiential learning i.e. transportation, materials, or equipment costs
  • Specifically supports underserved student groups, including: 
    • Low-income students
    • Students with disabilities
    • Newcomers/international students
    • First-generation students
    • Indigenous students (Future Wabanaki)

UNB Plus

The Office of Experiential Education has created a free online platform for students to prepare for experiential learning, work, and more. UNB Plus is home to learning and resources in the form of streams and modules which students can complete at their own pace.

The following streams are available to explore:

  • Skills+ (including Workplace Readiness, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and more)
  • EDI+ (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)
  • Sustainability+ (including Sustainability 101, Climate Change 101, and more)
  • Careers+ (support resources only)

New streams and modules are added on a regular basis. 

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