Future NB | Future Wabanaki

FutureNB funding helps students access experiential learning opportunities

UNB is a proud partner in Future New Brunswick, a provincial partnership to promote and support experiential education in New Brunswick from kindergarten through post-secondary education.

Future NB opportunities support underserved student groups, including:

  • Indigenous students (Future Wabanaki)
  • Low-income students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Newcomers/international students
  • First-generation students

Funding through the Future NB program

  • Supports wage subsidies for students partnering with employers for work-integrated learning (WIL) placements
  • Reduces financial barriers that hinder participation in experiential learning – I.e. transportation, materials, or equipment costs
  • Builds capacity for curricular experiential learning
  • Delivers and strengthens experiential learning programs at UNB

The growth and development of experiential education and a prosperous New Brunswick are realized through public post-secondary initiatives like Future NB.

Future Wabanaki

The Government of New Brunswick’s Future Wabanaki program funds the Nihkanapu UNB/Nikanaptmu’k UNB program, which provides funding for wage subsidies, student support funding, and seed funding to build new culturally safe Indigenous experiential education opportunities for Indigenous students at UNB.

Future NB International

Future NB International is a vital element of Future NB, offering targeted funding for international students, facilitating access to experiential education in New Brunswick and providing support to overcome unique barriers. The goal is to enhance career readiness and integration of international students into New Brunswick communities and workplaces.

  • Higher tuition: (approximately 2.1 times more than domestic students) means international students face increased financial insecurity.
  • Visas: Since study visas only allow part-time work off-campus, many international students do not take advantage of experiential learning. New opportunities are being created to help international students find opportunities that meet their unique needs.
  • Access to funding: international students do not qualify for most federal funding, disadvantaging them when it comes to hiring students for experiential learning.
  • Cultural barriers: New Brunswick employers don’t always understand specific needs of international students.

Future NB International makes New Brunswick the first province within Canada to develop an initiative that increases opportunities for international students to access experiential education. It addresses the obstacles facing international students by:
  • Providing professional development and networking, while considering language and cultural barriers.
  • Supporting flexible experiential learning for international students, on- and off-campus.
  • Addressing the needs of graduate and undergraduate international students.

More targeted experiential education opportunities for international students on and off campus will allow international students to:
  • Build stronger connections to New Brunswick communities.
  • Navigate the job market.
  • Educate employers on equitable hiring practices.
  • Form personal and professional networks resulting in higher retention rates of international students in the NB labour force.

Funding is managed by each of the four participating Future NB International universities, to reduce barriers to success for international students. Funding can be used to support:
  • Accessing meaningful experiential learning placements on- and off-campus.
  • Connecting international students with employers across New Brunswick.
  • Creating and supporting professional development learning opportunities for international students.

Learn more about the FutureNB program or contact us at experiential@unb.ca.