Statistics Option

Statistics Major

A minimum grade of C is required in the courses counting for credit for this program. In exceptional circumstances a grade of D may be acceptable with the approval of the Chair of the Department in courses offered through the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Business.

 Lower-level (1000-2000 level) requirements: 

At least 18ch in lecture courses and at least 8ch in laboratory courses chosen from: 

Upper-level (3000-4000 level) requirements: 

  • MATH 3713, MATH 3733, MATH 3414 or equivalent (see note 3) 
  • STAT 3793, STAT 4793 (see note 3) 
  • An additional 15ch of upper-level (3000 – 4000 level) STAT courses. An upper-level MATH course (excluding MATH 3633) may contribute to these 15ch. 
  • 21ch of upper-level (3000 - 4000 level) elective courses approved by the department. 


  1. It is recommended that MATH 2203 is taken in the first or second year. 
  2. Students should consult with the department for a list of approved electives. 
  3. Certain courses listed above are offered occasionally or in alternating yearsPlease consult the Course Listings for details.
  4. MATH 1853 and MATH 2633 cannot be taken for credit in this program.   

Minor in Statistics

A student who intends to pursue a Minor in Statistics is required to take 24 ch in Statistics. A maximum of 9 ch from Mathematics may contribute to these 24 ch. MATH 3633 cannot be taken for credit toward the Minor in Statistics. The Minor should be declared at the same time as the student's Major.