Mathematics and Economics Option

The motivation for the program is to equip students with the necessary analytical skill to pursue a graduate degree in either Economics or Mathematics. The combination of Mathematics in their Economics courses and the rigorous techniques from Mathematics will aid students in their problem-solving skills.

First Year (Minimum 38 ch)
a. MATH 1003, MATH 1013, MATH 1503
b. At least 18 ch in lecture courses and at least 8 ch in laboratory courses chosen from:

c. A minimum of 3 ch in approved electives.

Second Year (Minimum 31 ch)

Third Year and Fourth Year (Minimum 60 ch)

Economics Requirements:

  •     ECON 3013, ECON 3023 plus 21 ch of economics courses or approved substitutes from disciplines other than Economics (a maximum of 9 ch of substitutes are permitted; please see list of substitute options in Section XI of the Bachelor of Business Administration section of the Academic Calendar). ECON 3665 is highly recommended.

Mathematics Requirements:

Plus an additional 6 ch of electives at any level.


  1.     Students are strongly advised to take the required courses ECON 1013 / ECON 1023 in their first year.
  2.     At least 3 ch of Computer Science (excluding CS 1303) are required in the program.
  3.     MATH 1853 (Mathematics for Business I) cannot be taken for credit for this program.
  4.     Students who are interested in pursuing graduate work in Mathematics must take MATH 3733.
  5.     Credit will not be given for both STAT 4703 and ECON 4645.