Geology Option

The Saint John campus offers courses designed to lay the groundwork for the Geology degree, which must be completed on the Fredericton campus. Please see the Fredericton Degree Programs section for descriptions of the three Earth Sciences programs: Pass, Major and Honours.

The following courses are designed for Pass, Major and Honours students:

First Year

  1.     GEOL 1044, GEOL 1074.
  2.     MATH 1003, MATH 1013.
  3.     CHEM 1041, CHEM 1046, CHEM 1072, CHEM 1077.
  4.     A minimum of 14 ch in approved electives, for a total of at least 40 ch.

Students are recommended to take EITHER (PHYS 1011, PHYS 1012, and PHYS 1022 for a total of 10 ch), OR (BIOL 1017, BIOL 1105, and BIOL 1205 for a total of 8 ch) as part of the 14 ch in approved electives. Note that a full year of physics is required for a later professional registration as a Geoscientist. Note also that students choosing to take the first-year BIOL courses will need to take BIOL 1006 (first term lab) in Fredericton in a later year. These courses need not to be completed in the first year of study, but is recommended that as much as possible of this requirement be completed before transferring to the Fredericton campus.

After the first year of study, completion of ESCI 1703, Field School (7 days), is recommended. See Course Descriptions - Fredericton.

Second Year

Students should transfer to Fredericton for the second year, but if they need to stay in Saint John they should consult the Fredericton Earth Science Degree program section, and Saint John Geology faculty, for guidance.