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Chair: O'Brien-Larivee, Catherine

  • Doucet, Shelley, BN (UNB), MScN (UWO), PhD (UNB), Asst Prof - 2010
  • Furlong, Karen, RN Dip (SJSN), BN (UNB), MN (UNB), PhD (UNB),  Diploma University Teaching (UNB), CNA Certification Neuroscience Nursing, Sr Teaching Assoc – 2000
  • Gregg, Emily BN (UNB) MN (UNB) PhD ( c ) Queens University Instructor-2019
  • Hamilton, Catherine, BSN Duke University, Certified Nurse-Midwife, MSc Yale University, ARNP, MSN, PhD, University of Florida, Assistant Professor–2019
  • Hatfield, Meagan BN (UNB) MN (Athabasca University) Instrcutor-2019
  • Keeping-Burke, Lisa, BN (MUN), MN (MUN), PhD (McG), Asst Prof - 2012
  • March, Angela, BN (UNB), MN (UNB), Diploma in University Teaching (UNB) - Instructor - 2016
  • Mawhinney, Kathleen BN (UNB), MN (UNB), Diploma in University Teaching (UNB), Instructor - 2010
  • McCloskey, Rose, BSc (Acad.), RN Dip (Hfx.Inf.SN), BN (UNB), Diploma in Adult Ed. (St FX), MN (UNB), PhD (UNB), CNA Certification Gerontology Diploma University Teaching (UNB), Prof - 2000
  • Nagel, Daniel, RN, Dip (Misercordia Hospital, Edmonton), BScN (U of A), MSN (UBC), PhD  (U of Ottawa), Assistant Professor - 2016
  • O’Brien-Larivee, Catherine, BN (UNB), MSc Applied Nursing (McG), Diploma University Teaching 2004, Sr Teaching Assoc - 2004
  • Pastirik, Pamela, BN (UNB), MSN (UBC), CNA certification Perinatal Nursing, Sr. Teaching Assoc -2002
  • Simpson,Catharine BN (UNB) MN ( Athabasca University) DUT (UNB) Instructor-2019
  • Waycott, Loretta BA (STU), BN (UNB), MN ( Athabasca University) Instructor-2019

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS) degree program is offered in conjunction with health sciences education partners. While students may be initially admitted directly into this intended degree, subsequent admission to a competitive BHS major is required. This admission to a major is, based on acceptance by a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) or Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education (CoARTE) accredited program. Alternatively, applicants who have already completed an accredited and approved health science program and are qualified to practice (as recognized by the appropriate national and provincial bodies) can also apply for entry. Current programs partnered with UNB Saint John to deliver BHS majors include:

  • Radiography Saint John (Partner: Saint John School of Radiological Technology)
  • Radiography Moncton (Partner: The Moncton Hospital School of Radiologic Technology) · Radiation Therapy (Partner: Saint John School of Radiation Therapy)
  • Respiratory Therapy (Partner: New Brunswick Community College)

Application to partner programs occurs directly via the UNB Saint John Department of Nursing and Health Sciences. As the application process is competitive, seats within partner programs are limited, and students who meet the minimum requirements are not guaranteed acceptance to a major. Students who are unsuccessful at gaining admission to a partner program may remain BHS designated students while they plan for future applications. However, students may be advised to consider alternative program options if they are unable to gain admission to a partner program in order to declare a major.

To earn the degree, students must successfully complete 140 credit hours. Note: 70 credit hours are required to be taken at UNB and 70 credit hours are allotted on successful completion of the accredited partner program.

Admission Policy on English Language Proficiency

The language of our program is English and prospective students whose mother tongue is not English may prove English language proficiency in one of the following ways:

i. Minimum TOEFL score on a paper-based test of 600.
ii. Minimum CanTEST scores of 5.0 on reading and listening, and 4.5 on writing.
iii. A minimum of 4 years full-time study in the English language in Canada. Notwithstanding the above, students must demonstrate competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English to meet course requirements.

Required Courses Year 1*:

*Consideration may be made for students with prior courses equivalent to past BHS requirements. Courses will be assessed based on the requested BHS program and must be approved by the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences.

**Degree requirement. Please note that students are suggested to take these courses in the prerequisite year. 

Years 2, 3, and 4:

In addition to the requirements of the appropriate accredited program, students must complete the following University courses:

Minor in Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Minor is open to any student in a discipline that has a provision for a minor. To be considered, students must have completed 60 ch (i.e.: four full-time terms) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Interested students may contact the Nursing and Health Sciences Program Coordinator for academic advising.
The Minor in Health Sciences requires 23 ch with a minimum grade of C in each course consisting of:
Required courses - 11ch:

Required Electives - 12 ch

  • minimum 3 ch per course
  • maximum of 9 ch from the lower (1/2xxx) level.
  • minimum 6 ch from the two groupings: Life & Behavioral Sciences and Social Sciences/ Humanities/ Business.

Students are responsible for ensuring they have completed appropriate prerequisites for any selected courses in the Health Sciences minor.

The Nursing and Health Sciences Program Coordinator may approve the use of courses for Life & Behavioral Sciences Grouping or Social Sciences/ Humanities/ Business Grouping electives on an individual basis.

Life & Behavioural Sciences Grouping:

Lower Level:

Upper Level:

Social Sciences/ Humanities/ Business Grouping

Lower Level:

  • BA 2001 Business Communication (3 ch)
  • BA 2504 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour (3 ch) 
  • BA 2758 Employment Law (3 ch)
  • ECON 2213 Poverty, Inequality & Income Redistribution (3 ch)
  • POLS 3501 Contemporary Issues in Public Policy
  • PHIL 1053 Introduction to Logic (3 ch)
  • POLS 1201 Introduction to Canadian Politics (3 ch)
  • SOCI 2376 Sociology of Health, Illness & Healing (3 ch)

Upper Level:

  • BA 3547 Organizational Communication (3 ch) 
  • ECON 3775 Environmental Economics (3 ch) 
  • ECON 3813 Introduction to Health Economics (3ch)
  • HIST 4421 Science in America (3 ch) 
  • HIST 4945 Women, Science and Medicine (3ch)
  • PHIL 3134 Health Care Ethics II (3 ch)
  • POLS 3501 Contemporary Issues in Public Policy (3 ch)
  • POLS 3685 The Politics of Food (3ch)
  • SOCI 4555 Gender & Organization (3 ch)