Communications Studies

COMS2201Health Communication (Cross-Listed: HEAL 2001)3 ch (3C)

Health communication is the study of messages that create meaning in relation to physical, mental and social well-being. Interdisciplinary research is conducted in the scientific, interpretive (humanities) and critical-cultural traditions.

This course examines theories of interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication relevant to a variety of professionals in the health field. Students will review theories and contexts of communication (interpersonal, organizational, mass, social media and intercultural), relations of power in communication settings, strategies of persuasion, the relationship between attitudes and behaviour, and the importance of representation in our understanding of the changing nature of health, health delivery and health issues in society.

Students cannot take both COMS 2201 and HEAL 2201. Students in the Bachelor of Health cannot take COMS 2201.