XVI. BBA with a Major in Human Resource Management

In addition to complying with the existing curriculum requirements and regulations governing the award of a BBA degree, BBA students wishing to major in Human Resource Management must also comply with the following regulations and requirements.

a. Students electing to major in Human Resource Management should declare the major by the beginning of their third year. The Faculty of Business must approve all courses taken to comply with the major requirement.

b. In order to earn the major in Human Resource Management, BBA students must:
i. maintain a minimum 3.0 (B) grade point average in the 24 ch of courses (ii, iii), and
ii. earn a minimum grade of C in the following compulsory courses: BA 2504, BA 2758, BA 2858, BA 3129, BA 3813 and BA 4898; and
iii.earn a minimum grade of C in six credit hours of electives chosen from the following: BA 3547, BA 3557, BA 3715, BA 4813, BA 4853, BA 4854, BA 4855, BA 4856, BA 4857 , BA 4866 and ECON 3375.

In order to be eligible to be granted a waiver of the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) administrered by CPHR New Brunswick and CPHR Canada, graduates must have electd at least 2 of the following courses at their "electives" (in addition to the mandatory/"required" courses): BA4853, BA4854, BA4855 and BA 4857.