Bachelor of Applied Management - Accounting

Admission Requirements
Students must have successfully completed the two-year Business Technology program with the Accounting Option at NBCC-Saint John, or an equivalent program, with an average of at least 70%. Additional admission requirements will depend upon the institution from which a student graduated.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements
Students must successfully complete at least 60 ch of course work and must obtain the minimum required grades in all required, elective and option courses specifically required for the degree and in the prerequisites for those courses.

Candidates for the degree must successfully complete the following credit hours.
Please note: courses designated with (*) are CPA entry courses.

a. 30 ch of required courses

b. 9 ch Accounting Elective chosen from BA 4207BA 4221, BA 4223, BA 4231*, BA 4237*, BA 4238* or BA 4242 

c. 3 ch Finance Elective chosen from BA 3426*, BA 4437, BA 4455, ECON 3114 or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business

d. 3 ch Elective courses chosen from COMS 2001, SOCI 2413, ECON 2091, 3 ch Psychology or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business.

e. 3 ch Business Elective chosen from BA 3123, BA 3134, BA 3557 , BA 4101*, BA 4193 or other business course as approved by the Faculty of Business.

f. 12 ch options, with no more than 6 ch from business. (NOTE: BA 2611* is recommended for CPA entry).

Example of a Typical Student's Program BAM Accounting Degree
Third Year

Fall Term MATH 1853, BA 2001BA 2504, BA 3672* Electives or Options - 3 ch
Winter Term BA 2606*, BA 3224*, BA 3304, BA 2858, BA 3623

Fourth Year
Fall Term BA 4229*, Electives or Options - 12 ch
Winter Term Electives or Options - 15 ch