Health Sciences

NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

HSCI2001Introduction to Health3 ch (3C/WEB)

Introduces the concept of health and its multidimensional nature. Examines health and its determinants, including those policy decisions that shape it. Draws from the contributions of the behavioural, physical and social sciences and the economic and political processes that influence health. Introduces the Canadian Health Care system and compares it to those utilized in other developed countries. Considers interdisciplinary aspects of health.

HSCI3032Interprofessional Communication (Cross-Listed: NURS 3032)3 ch (3C)

Facets of knowledge, values/attitudes and skills are applied to core interprofessional education and practice competencies: role clarification and affirmation; effective communication and conflict management; participatory planning, decision making and problem solving; and, self-awareness and reflective practices. 

Prerequisite: HSCI 2001. This course is only open to BHS Students.

HSCI3061Issues in the Canadian Health Care System (Cross-Listed: NURS 3061)3 ch (3C/WEB)

Facilitates an understanding of the history and organization of the Canadian healthcare system, current health care issues, and policy and government legislation that affects healthcare. 

NOTE: Credit will be given only to one of HSCI 3061 and NURS 3061. This course is open to non-BHS students with Instructor’s permission.  

Prerequisite: Enrolment in a BHS major or with permission of the instructor.  

Co-requisite: HSCI 3092
HSCI3092Health Science Research (Cross-Listed: NURS 3092)3 ch (3C/WEB)

Introduces the purpose, process and utilization of health science research. The interrelationships among theory, practice and research are explored. Students critique research studies. (For Health Science (BHS) students only.)

NOTE: Credit will only be given for one of HSCI 3092 and NURS 3092.  

Prerequisite: Enrolment in a BHS major or with permission of the instructor. 

STAT 2263 or approved substitute.
HSCI4142Issues and Leadership in Healthcare (Cross-listed: NURS 4142)3 ch (3C/WEB)

Explores professional health care practice issues and trends. Examines organizational theory and leadership roles of health care professionals. Explores the foundations of professional development and practice.

NOTE: Credit will only be given to one of HSCI 4142 and NURS 4142.  

Prerequisite: Enrolment in a BHS major or with permission of the instructor.  

Co-requisites: HSCI 3092, HSCI 3061, or with permission of the instructor.