NURS3092Nursing Research (Cross-Listed: HSCI 3092)3 ch (3C)

Critically examines the purposes, processes, and utilization of research in health care. Explores the interaction between theory and evidence‐based practice.  

Note: Credit will only be given to one of HSCI 3092 or NURS 3092.

Prerequisite: STAT 2263 or approved substitute, and for BHS students: enrolment in a BHS major; for BN students: a minimum grade of C in all of NURS 2132, NURS 2135, NURS 2157, NURS 2177, NURS 2145, NURS 2189, NURS 2063, BIOL 2831, and BIOL 2852 and for LPN Bridge students: a minimum grade of C in BIOL 2831, NURS 1009, NURS 2011, NURS 2132, NURS 2051, PSYC 1003, and STAT 2263.