Admission Regulations

M. Bachelor of Philosophy Offered by Renaissance College 

In order to meet learning objectives and to provide the planned experiential learning and mentorship components, the program will have a limited enrollment.

Criteria for Admissions

  1. High School applicants must meet admission requirements as specified in the chart of First Year Required Academic Subjects and accompanying notes found in Section B of the UNB Academic Calendar. 
  2. The UNB regulations applicable to transfer students and mature students are outlined in Section B of the UNB Academic Calendar. Normally, a minimum assessment grade point average of 3.0 (or equivalent) is required for a student to be considered for transfer to Renaissance College. Students who successfully complete UNB’s FNGL certificate in good standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above are automatically eligible for a block transfer into the BPhil. 
  3. All applicants must also submit to the Admissions Office a resume which clearly and concisely outlines the applicant's educational and career goals, volunteer activities, prior learning experiences, diversity of background, and skills (such as but not limited to: artistic, musical, athletic, cultural, linguistic), and leadership experience. Typically, this information can be communicated well in two or three pages. No specific forms or formats are required.
  4. Transfer credit toward required RCLP courses will be given on the basis of evidence provided by the student for demonstrated competence in the learning outcomes associated with each Renaissance College course.

Admissions Committee

An Admissions Committee of faculty members, in cooperation with the UNB Admissions Office, will review the applications. In admitting students, the Admissions Committee will strive to assemble a diverse cohort of highly capable learners and match the student to the program by determining what the College can contribute to the individual, what the individual can contribute to the College, and what the individuals can contribute to each other.