Admission Regulations 

C. Mature Applicants

  1. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who do not meet the usual entrance requirements and who are 21 years of age or older by the session for which acceptance is sought may be considered for admission. In addition to the documentation normally requested, such applicants are encouraged to submit a letter indicating why they feel they are likely to profit from a university education.
  2. Normally admission to an undergraduate program will be assessed after a mature applicant has completed UNB courses on a part-time basis approved for the purpose; high school graduates, adult high school diploma recipients, and holders of high school equivalency certificates (GED) may be exempted from this requirement. Since some Faculties specifically require certain courses in Mathematics and Science, qualifying course work may also be required; proof of successful completion in the specified course, as offered by the N.B. Department of Post-Secondary Education & Training and/or the NBCC network, is acceptable. All applicants should consult the Registrar's Office before registering.
  3. Applicants who have attended another college or university but who have been away from formal education for a minimum of five years may make application under this regulation. However, clear evidence of ability to handle university-level studies, or of extenuating circumstances, will be required. In select cases, qualifying course work may not be required.