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Dean: Wayne Albert, BSc, MA, PhD
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs): 
Charlene Shannon-McCallum, BBA, B of Recr Mgmt, MA, PhD
Assistant Dean (Graduate Programs and Research): Jonathon Edwards, BSM, MA, PhD

  • Albert, Wayne, BSc (Ottawa), MA (UWO), PhD (Qu), Prof and Dean - 1999
  • Barclay, Katherine, BSc (UNB), MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Guelph), Teaching Prof (Joint Biology, Nursing) - 2001
  • Bouchard, Danielle, BPE (Sherbrooke), MSc (Quebec), PhD (UdeM), Prof - 2015
  • Byers, Terri, BPE (Acadia), MA, PhD (DeMontfort), Prof - 2014
  • Chester, Victoria, BScHK (Guelph), MA (Laur), PhD (UNB), Prof - 2002
  • Dombrowski, Stephan, BA (Essex), MSc (Sussex), PhD, CPsychol (Aberdeen), Assoc Prof - 2018
  • Duquette, Greg, BKin (McM), MA (CMU), Teaching Prof – 2008
  • Edwards, Jonathon, BSM (Brock), MA, PhD (Alberta), Assoc Prof - 2012
  • Hebert, Jeffrey, BA (Denver), DC (Palmer College of Chiropractic), PhD (Utah), Prof and Chiropractic Chair – 2017
  • Kebbe, Maryam, BSc (Ottawa), MSc, PhD (Alberta), Asst Prof - 2023
  • Kuruganti, Usha, BScEE, MScEE, PhD (UNB), Prof - 2004
  • Mason, Fred, BA, BPE (MUN), MA (Ottawa), PhD (UWO), Assoc Prof – 2006
  • McGarry, Timothy, BSc (Liv), MSc (Brad), MPE, PhD (UBC) Assoc Prof - 2000
  • McGibbon, Chris, BSc, MSc, PhD (UNB), Prof - 2004
  • Noble, Jeremy, BSc, MSc, PhD (Waterloo), Teaching Prof - 2014
  • Oncescu, Jacquelyn, BRM, MR (Acadia), PhD (Ottawa), Assoc Prof - 2018
  • Scott, David, BA, PGCE (Ulster), MA, MA, PhD (Vic B.C.), Assoc Prof – 1997
  • Seaman, Kenneth, BSc (Dal), MSc, PhD (UNB) - Teaching Prof - 2011
  • Sénéchal, Martin, BSc, MSc, PhD (Sherbrooke), Prof - 2015
  • Shannon-McCallum, Charlene, BBA, B of Recr Mgmt (Acadia), MA, PhD (Waterloo), Prof - 2002
  • Tymowski-Gionet, Gabriela, BA, BEd, MA (UWO), PhD (Gloucestershire), Assoc Prof - 1999

General Information

The Faculty of Kinesiology offers two undergraduate degree programs: Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies (BRSS) and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BScKin). The four year BRSS program provides a solid foundation in theories and applications in the social-psychological aspects of recreation, sport, physical activity and leisure. Students may choose courses in the faculty with a focus in Management, Education Preparation and Wellness. Students in the program develop competency in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, professional conduct and numeracy, as well as comprehensive and applicable knowledge of recreation, sport, physical activity, leisure and healthy living. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of vocational careers and/or further study at the graduate level.

The BRSS and the BScKin degree programs will prepare students interested in becoming elementary or secondary physical education teachers and coaches in school systems. Students who are interested in the Arts and Humanities as a teachable subject, should select the BRSS degree program, while students who are interested in the Sciences as a teachable subject, should select the BScKin degree program.

High School applicants or first-year students interested in the BEd program at UNB should refer to the Faculty of Education Admission Advantage program in either the Admissions section of this calendar (Item J) or the Bachelor of Education section under Fredericton Degree Programs.

University Regulations

Any point not covered in the following regulations will be governed by the General University Regulations as stated in this Calendar. Questions concerning the application of regulations should be directed to the Registrar in writing.

Conditions Regarding Admission to the BRSS Program

All admissions are on a competitive basis; satisfaction of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Normally, no more than 100 students will be admitted to first year in the Faculty of Kinesiology in any academic year.

Transfer Students

  1. Normally, a minimum session grade point average of 3.0 is required for a student to be considered for transfer into one of the Faculty's programs.
  2. Normally, a student will not be allowed to transfer into the Faculty mid-way through the academic year.
  3. In addition to scholastic record, a transfer applicant's record of participation and interest in the "Kinesiology", "Recreation", and "Sport Science" field is also considered for admission.
  4. Students presently registered in the Faculty will continue to be governed by the regulations in effect when they first registered. Students who were formerly in the Faculty and apply for re-admission, if accepted, will be governed by the regulations in effect at the time of their re-admission.

Time Limitation

The maximum time period permitted between the first registration in the BRSS degree program and the completion of the BRSS degree shall normally be eight (8) years. Normally, BRSS students who are re-admitted within this time frame must complete the degree requirements in effect at the last re-admission.

BRSS as a Second Degree

In addition to the University's regulations for a second undergraduate bachelor's degree as specified in the UNB Undergraduate Calendar, the Faculty of Kinesiology requires that any student accepted into the BRSS degree program as a second undergraduate bachelor's degree be required to: (a) Complete at least (30) credit hours of courses, and (b) Complete the requirements of the BRSS degree. 

General Regulations

Grade Point Averages

  1. The method of calculating grade point averages is explained in the Calculation of Grade Point Averages, section H, of this Calendar.
  2. To earn a BRSS degree, a student must have successfully completed 121 ch of approved courses.
  3. Students should refer to the Standing and Promotion Requirements, section I, Calendar for regulations regarding academic probation and withdrawal.

Policy on Grades

BRSS students must obtain a grade of "C" or better in all required core courses. 

NOTE: KIN 1001 is considered to be prerequisite or co-requisite to all other KIN and RSS courses. Students receiving a final grade of "D" in KIN 1001 may repeat KIN 1001 as a co-requisite to other second year KIN and RSS courses.

Repeating Courses

  1. Regulations pertaining to repeating courses can be found in the Repeating Courses Section of this Calendar.
  2. Any required courses not successfully completed during a given year must be attempted no later than the next academic year, except by special permission of their academic advisor.

Summer Term Courses

BRSS students who wish to take Summer Term courses that are to be credited towards their degree should first consult with their Academic Advisor.

Practicum and Directed Studies

  1. Normally, students may elect a maximum of six (6) ch from practicum courses, i.e. RSS 3911 (1), RSS 3912 (2), RSS 3913 (3), RSS 3914 (3), RSS 4910 (6).
  2. Normally, students may elect a maximum of six (6) ch from directed study courses, i.e., RSS 4093 (3), RSS 4094 (3), RSS 4800 (6). 

Approval of Elective Courses

Advice concerning elective courses will be provided by members of the Faculty. All elective courses require approval of the Faculty.

Normal Workload

The maximum student workload is considered to be 20 ch per term, or 40 ch per year (not including Summer Term). Permission from their academic advisor is required to exceed 20 ch per term or 40 ch in any given academic year.

BRSS Year Designation Based on Credit Hours 

For the purposes of on-line registration and administrative operations, BRSS students shall be considered as in:

  1. Second year after the student has successfully completed 30 ch toward their BRSS.
  2. Third year after the student has successfully completed 60 ch toward their BRSS.
  3. Fourth year after the student has successfully completed 90 ch towards their BRSS.


General Notes

  1. It is the students’ responsibility to complete the degree program curriculum for the year in which they enrol.
  2. The minimum credit hour total to graduate is 121 ch.
  3. Students must complete at least 48 ch of 3000, 4000 level courses in order to graduate.

A. CORE PROGRAM (total 49 ch)

Students in the BRSS degree program are required to attend a two-day conference (or equivalent) sponsored by a recognized professional or academic organization prior to enrolling in RSS 4092, Senior Integrative Course and graduation. Written approval of the conference must be obtained through the Faculty prior to attendance. A written post-conference reflection report and session moderator attendance sheet must be submitted. 

Required Courses
Year 1 (31 ch)
KIN 1001 Introduction to Kinesiology 4 ch
KIN 2032 Introduction to Sport and Leisure Psychology 3 ch
1000 level Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy 3 ch or CRIM 1603
ENGL 1144 or ENGL 1145 3 ch
RSS 1042 History of Sport and Recreation 3 ch
RSS 1081 Health and Wellness 3 ch
RSS 1213 Leisure, Recreation and Sport Concepts 3 ch
RSS 2011 Management of Sport, Recreation and Wellness Organizations 3 ch
RSS/KIN or NON-RSS/KIN electives 6 ch

Year 2 (30 ch)
RSS 2023 Sociology of Sport, Physical Activity & Leisure 3 ch
RSS 2032 Recreation and Sport Programs and Events 3 ch
RSS 2061 Recreation and Sports Delivery Systems 3 ch
RSS 2223 Community Development 3 ch
STAT 2263 Statistics for Non-Science Majors or equivalent 3 ch
RSS/KIN or NON-RSS/KIN electives 15 ch

Year 3 & 4 (60 ch)
RSS 3001 Assessment and Evaluation in Recreation and Sport 3 ch
KIN 3093 Ethics and Kinesiology 3 ch
RSS 4092 Senior Integrative Course 3 ch

Minimum 6 ch professional internship
NON-RSS/KIN electives 24 ch (Optional Minor)
RSS or KIN Electives 21 ch

Honours Program: BRSS

  1. The Honours program provides students with the opportunity to undertake academic research and be recognized as one of the Faculty’s top students. Upon successful completion of the program, “Honours” is printed on the student’s official academic transcript. See academic advisor for application procedures.
  2. Application requirements include: minimum CGPA of 3.7, must be in one’s final year of study, must identify a faculty member willing to serve as one’s Honours Research Project supervisor. 
  3. Once accepted into the program, students must: outline the required deliverables and expectations of the Honours project which will be approved by the Honours supervisor before being submitted to the Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate Program no later than Oct 15th. This outline (one or two pages) briefly describes: i) the nature of the study being conducted, ii) timelines, iii) deliverables and expectations. This outline serves as a course contract between the student and the supervisor.
  4. To graduate with a BRSS Honours, students must meet the following requirements: maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.5 throughout one’s undergraduate degree; successfully complete RSS 4900: Honours Research Project.

Minor in Recreation and Sports Studies

The Minor in Recreation and Sports Studies is designed for students from outside the Faculty of Kinesiology interested in a coherent package of Recreation and Sports Studies courses. Students interested in the minor, must apply through the Undergraduate Degree Program Office, Faculty of Kinesiology. Enrolment is limited.

The Minor will consist of 24 credit hours of approved Recreation and Sports Studies courses. Students enrolled in the Minor will be required to take 12 ch of introductory courses and 12 ch of 3000 & 4000 level courses chosen in consultation, and in advance, with the Faculty of Kinesiology. A grade of C or better is required in each course used towards the Minor.