Culture and Media Studies

Department of Culture and Media Studies

General Office: Carleton Hall, Room 333
Mailing Address: Department of Culture and Media Studies
University of New Brunswick
Box 4400 Fredericton, N.B.
Canada E3B 5A3 
Phone: (506) 453-3571
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Chair: Sophie Lavoie


  • Cruikshank, Lauren, BA (Bishop's), MA (Queen's), PhD (European Graduate School), Associate Professor - 2014
  • Guse, Anette, Staatsexamen I & II (Heidelberg), MA (Wat), PhD (Queen’s), Associate Professor - 2005
  • Hamling, Anna, BA, BEd (Cardiff), MA (Queen's), PhD (Warsaw), Professor - 1999
  • Hornsby, Richard, Mus.Bac, Perf, M.M.
  • Lavoie, Sophie M., BA (King’s College/Dalhousie), MA (Queen’s), DEA, PhD (Provence),  Professor - 2008
  • LeBel, Sabine, BA, BAH (Trent), MA, PhD (York), Assistant Professor - 2018
  • Preston, Scott, BFA, MA (Concordia), PhD (York), Associate Professor - 2010
  • Reid, Allan, BA (Sask), MA, PhD (Alberta), Professor - 1991 (retired)

The twin forces of globalization and technological change continue to reshape our increasingly complex and interconnected world. These circumstances compel us to respond to new challenges and new opportunities by understanding and appreciating diversity, by learning to navigate established and emerging mediascapes, and by discovering new ways to express ourselves through music, film, media arts, and multi-lingual communication.

The Department of Culture and Media Studies invites students to explore culture and cultural forms in an interdisciplinary environment. Students learn about culture through the lenses of film and media, literature, music, and other art forms, as well as the study of foreign languages. All of these subjects are examined in a variety of contexts and perspectives, from the practical to the critical and theoretical.

The Department of Culture and Media Studies offers the following academic programs:

Comparative Cultural Studies: Minor, Major, Honours;
Film Production: Major, (MAAC Concentration); Certificate in Film Production;
Media Arts and Cultures: Minor, Major, Honours;
Music: Minor
Film Studies: Minor (Interdepartmental Program)

The Department also offers language acquisition courses in Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. For course listings consult Section H of this calendar or visit the Departmental website at //