Minor in Music

General Information

The Music Minor offers students from all Faculties the opportunity to study music from a variety of perspectives, including theory, history, and analysis, and performance, among others. It is designed so as to create rich learning experiences for students interested in making music as well as for those primarily interested in learning about music. For details of courses and requirements, see below.


Admission to the Music Minor is open to students from any Faculty who have completed 30 ch towards a degree. Students should contact the Director of Music for program approval and advising. Students are encouraged to begin the Minor in their second year of study.

Program of Study

The Minor consists of 24 credit hours approved by the Director. Of these 24 ch, at least 12 ch must be at the upper level. All students are required to take at least one of the following theory-based courses: MUS 2113, MUS 2114, MUS 2123, or MUS 2124 , and at least one of the following history-based courses: HIST/MUS 3775, MUS 3785, MUS 3795, or MUS 3796. For the remainder of the courses, students are expected to consult with the Director of Centre for Musical Arts to ensure a coherent set of courses is selected to reflect a distinct area of concentration. Students wishing to focus on performance will typically take at least 12 ch from performance and theory based courses, while students primarily interested in the history and appreciation of music will typically take at least 12 ch from courses in those areas.

Courses will be selected from the following list. Additional courses may be counted towards the Minor subject to the approval of the Director. 

MUS 2113 Introduction to Music
MUS 2114 Introduction to Music Appreciation
MUS 2123 Music Theory I
MUS 2124 Music Theory II
MUS 2143 Introduction to Jazz Theory
MUS 2797 Rock and American Popular Music
MUS 3000 Studio Work
MUS 3001 Studio Work: Private Lessons
MUS 3002 Studio Work: Ensemble Work
MUS 3113 Computer in Music, an Introduction
MUS 3123 Musical Composition
MUS 3133 Conducting
MUS 3797 Music of Canada
MUS 3798 Canadian Jazz: The Forbidden, the Rebellious, and the Misunderstood
HIST 3701 The Cultural Turn: Cultural Studies in Historical Context
HIST/MUS 3765 History of Music in Medieval and Renaissance periods
HIST/MUS 3775 History of Music in the Late Baroque and Classical Period
HIST/MUS 3785 History of Music in the Romantic Era
HIST/MUS 3795 History of Music in the Twentieth Century
HIST/MUS 3796 History of Music Dramas of Richard Wagner
MUS/CCS 3799 Women in Music
MAAC 3362 Sound Design
POLS 3417 Politics and Music
SOCS 3472 Sociology of Music
CCS 3123 Berlin to Broadway