Certificate in Ethics

The Certificate in Ethics will provide students with the opportunity to gain a university-level credential in theoretical and applied ethics. The Ceritifcate is comprised of eighteen (18) credit hours and offered in the following five areas of concentration: Ethical Theory, Health Ethicsm Business Ethics, Military Ethics, and Environmental Ethics. 

  1. Required Courses
    The Certificate will require the successful completion (with a grade of B-or higher) of six (6) courses, totaling eighteen credit hours, which shall include the following:
    a. three (3) core courses, including PHIL 1101 Critical Thinking, a 2000-level course in Ethical Theory, and a breadth of requirements drawn from a Certificate area of concentration in applied ethics that is NOT being pursued by the student.
    b. three (3) elective courses in the student's area of concentration, including one (1) 3000-level course.
    (For a list of possible courses see below).
    c. with the added proviso that students cannot take more than two (2) elective courses from the student's own home department.

    The course work will be approved by the Department of Philosophy.

    To be awarded the Certificate, a minimum of nine (9) hours must be completed at UNB. Subject to approval by the Dean of Arts, a maximum of nine (9) credit hours (or the equivalent) of comparable coursework may be transferred from another recognized post-secondary institution. Credit will not normally be awarded for those courses completed more than five years prior to student’s return to university study, in accordance with the norms already in place by the Registrar’s office.

  2. Possible Courses 
    ADM 3875 Labour Relations
    ANTH 4024 Anthropology and Ethics
    CCS 3063 Literature of the Holocaust
    CCS 3064 The Holocaust: East European Representations and Responses 
    CLAS 3063 Ancient Greek Warfare 
    CLAS 3513 The Trojan War: Myth and History
    ECON 3203 Public Finance Analysis
    ENGG 4013 Law and Ethics for Engineers
    ENR 1001 Resource Management Issues, Ethics and Communications I 
    ENR 1002 Resource Management Issues, Ethics and Communications II
    ENR 2021 Natural Resource Management , Institutions, Policy and Government
    ENVS 2023 Understanding Environmental Issues
    FOR 2946 Bioethics, Emotional Intelligence, and the Nature of Spirituality
    HIST 1009 Epidemic Disease from the Middle Ages to the Present
    HIST 5275 Health and Medicine in Early Modern England
    HIST 4851 Law and War
    HIST 1625 The Spy in History
    HIST 3825 That Nature and Limits of Military Power
    KIN 3093 Introduction to Ethics of Sport & Recreation
    KIN 4093 Seminar on Health Care Ethics
    PHIL 1201 Ethics of Life and Death
    PHIL 2201 Introduction to Ethics
    PHIL 2203 Business Ethics
    PHIL 2206 Environmental Ethics (cannot take both PHIL 2209 and PHIL 3207 for credit)
    PHIL 2208 Military Ethics
    PHIL 2209 Health Care Ethics in Canada (canoot take both PHIL 2009 and PHIL 3207 for credit)
    PHIL 3205 Contemporary Ethical Theory
    PHIL 3207 Health Care Ethics (cannot take both PHIL 2209 and PHIL 3207 for credit)
    PHIL 3208 Ecological Ethics (cannot take both PHIL 2206 and PHIL 3208 for crdit)
    PHIL 3302 Later Greek Philosophy
    PHIL 3306 Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and the Roots of Postmodern 
    PHIL 3308 Plato's Republic
    PHIL 3312 Infinity: Emmanuel Levinas' Encounter with the Other
    PHIL 3315 Hannah Arendt and S. de Beauvoir
    POLS 1503 Law, Power and Politics
    POLS 1603 Politics of Globalization
    POLS 2503 Women & Politics
    POLS 3103 Right in Conflict in North America
    POLS 3715 Critique of Alienation in Social & Political Thought
    POLS 3718 International Security in Theory and Practice
    POLS 3415 Liberalism
    POLS 3433 Late Modern Political Thought
    POLS 4463 Eros & Leadership
    POLS 4496 Thucydides: War and Empire 
    POLS 4495 Gender and War: History and Contemporary Persepectives
    SOCS 3004 Theoretical Foundations of Sociology
    SOCI 2365 Sociology of Death and Dying
    SOCI 3623 White Collar Crime
    SOCI 3371 The Institution of Health Care
    SOCI 3533 Social Stratification
    SOCI 4513 Inequality and Social Justice
    SOCI 3636 Restorative Justice
    SOCI 3635 Conflict Resolution
    SOCI 4624 Health Care in International Context