FOR5281Introduction to GIS for Forestry & Environmental Management3 ch

The course introduces GIS via the industry-standard ArcGIS Pro software and emphasizes learning GIS through applied environmental management scenarios; specifically, applications in land base inventory and mapping using data for the UNB Woodlot.
The introductory module provides basic GIS concepts and ArcGIS using generalize examples. The second (primary) learning module consists of two lessons; Environmental Asset Inventory and Environmental Asset Mapping. The Environmental Asset Inventory lesson introduces ArcGIS application in inventory, including creating and using geodatabases to store forest inventory, road & stream data and other managed assets. Students are exposed to the array of digital data typically found in forest inventories and transportation networks and how they are stored, accessed, displayed, and manipulated using GIS. The Environmental Asset Mapping lesson introduces the power of ArcGIS in composing maps commonly used in environmental management, including map layers, thematic maps, and application maps. The two lessons also expose you to basic geoprocessing techniques, data editing and updating and map overlay.