Creating the New Brunswick of tomorrow

We are locally engaged and nationally relevant. We are leaders in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. We do more than respond to jobs needed today. We create the industries and opportunities of the New Brunswick of tomorrow.

Our students have the skills and the confidence to manage complexity, think critically and communicate clearly. They are problem solvers and leaders, full participants in a healthy and vibrant democracy.

Our vision

We aspire to be a university of influence through excellence and innovation in research and teaching to enable positive social change across our communities.

Our mission

To inspire and educate our people to become problem solvers and leaders in the world, undertake research that addresses societal and scientific challenges, and engage with our partners to build a more just, sustainable and inclusive world.

Our values

  • Academic freedom
  • Academic excellence
  • Integrity, transparency and respect
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Financial and environmental sustainability
  • Innovation, engagement and collaboration

Our commitment

Piluwitahasuwawsuwakon1. A Wolastoqey word gifted to UNB by Opolahsomuwehs (Elder Imelda Perley) which means “allowing your thinking to change so that action will follow in a good way toward truth,” and considering and sharing other world views, histories and practices. This commitment lies behind all that we do as a university. In all that we do, we commit to walking this path together, as we are all treaty people.


Dare to be wise

We face the world of today and tomorrow with the strength of our motto: Sapere Aude, “Dare to be wise.” This is a call to be courageous, to embrace a world stressed by rapid and accelerating change with the courage and the knowledge to see opportunities and not only challenges.

The world needs more UNB

New Brunswick and Canada need bold new ideas and decisive action to secure a more prosperous and just future. We will create and share the knowledge that is essential to push society forward. UNB will tackle society’s great challenges head-on and create positive change. This is our mission of service to our province and the world.