Records Management and Privacy Office

The Records Management & Privacy Office, a division of the University Secretariat, provides support to the UNB community by leading and providing guidance in the areas of privacy, records management, right to information, and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

How we can help you

Our office reviews forms, agreements and contracts to ensure personal information and data is properly safeguarded. We develop and coordinate applicable policies, procedures and guidelines to manage UNB’s compliance with privacy legislation.

We lead investigations and responses to campus privacy breaches and monitor applicable legislation and the broader privacy landscape to inform the UNB community of best practices.

Learn about UNB's privacy breach protocol.

Our office provides leadership and strategic management of the university’s records management program.

Working closely with UNB Archives & Special Collections and units, we develop policies, procedures, guidelines and records retention schedules to support the implementation of UNB’s records management program.

Our office manages and coordinates all right to information requests including corresponding with applicants, gathering and reviewing the content of records, and interpreting legislation that applies to the requests.

We provide the final response to applicants and liaise with the New Brunswick Office of the Ombud (Access and Privacy Division) on related matters, including complaints.

Our office provides guidance, training and resources to UNB units related to the misuse of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats in accordance with CASL.

Inside the Records Management and Privacy Office

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