Instructional Technology

Desire2Learn (D2L) Learning Management System (LMS)

The D2L LMS offers an integrated set of tools for developing and delivering interactive courses over the web. Kris Doucet offers training sessions and support on the Saint John campus.  

This software allows UNB teachers to create and host courses online. Courses created with this software can serve as entire online courses or as a supplement to traditional classroom courses. No programming skills are necessary. Login with your UNB ID and PIN to get started. Desire2Learn resources such as user manuals and training videos are also available.

VideoconferencingFull and Low Technology classroom instruction

Full technology classrooms are equipped with digital projectors that are connected to both a computer (with a DVD drive) and a VCR.

The low technology classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector but you must bring in your own laptop. 

For more information or to receive training, please contact Kris Doucet.

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Scantron test marking

Scantron provides a quick and efficient way of evaluating multiple choice exams or instructor-designed student opinion surveys. Departments are responsible for stocking their own optical sheets (forms) but we will mark them for you.  For instructions on how to proceed download this pdf file.