Call for Proposals

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: Friday, August 12th, 2016

Theme: In Cahoots: Building Communities To Get It Done

The theme for the 2016 Association of Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase is In Cahoots: Building Communities To Get It Done. Throughout Atlantic universities, we form all kinds of short and long term relationships to achieve specific goals. We work with our students to motivate them to engage with their courses. We collaborate with administration, staff, and faculty to move the university toward better educational practices. We behave in cooperative, strategic, and subversive ways to improve our teaching. Come tell us about your experience of being “in cahoots.” 

Some Questions to Consider: in an era of diminishing resources, how do we band together to secure our teaching environment?

  • How have you worked with students in interesting or unusual ways to help them dig into their course work?
  • How have you partnered with student services to better meet student needs? For example, have you directly addressed mental health, peer-mentoring, resilience, or skills development?
  • How have you worked with or without the support of university administration to push forward important educational changes? 
  • How have you teamed up with colleagues to foster a more nurturing environment?
  • Have you ever been “in cahoots” through partnerships, mentorships, or teaching communities to advance an idea or overcome an obstacle?
  • What interesting or effective approaches to “getting it done” would you like to share with your AAU community? 
Session Formats

There are five session formats from which to choose:

  • 25-minute Session
  • 50-minute Session
  • Furious Five
  • 15-minute Report
  • Poster

25-minute and 50-minute sessions should model active learning and engage participants in discussion, small-group exercises, panel discussions, or other activities. Individuals submitting a proposal for a 50-minute session should provide a rationale for the extended time allotment. 

Furious Five is a lively and engaging plenary session in which presenters are given five minutes each to introduce the audience to an innovative teaching strategy or tip, or pose a profound question for the audience to ponder. Strategies, tips, and questions should be relevant to a range of disciplines. 

15-minute reports should provide a direct, concise description of a teaching technique, program, initiative, study, or some other education-related practice, and a review of the evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness. Modeling of the activity being reported is not necessary. 

Posters should address an aspect of the conference theme in a visual medium.  Posters will be prominantly displayed for the duration of the Showcase. Please hang your poster on your assigned panel and remove it at the end of the day.  Presenters are expected to be at their poster during the designated time.

Submitting Proposals

To submit a proposal please complete, rename, and email the Proposal Template file (Word document), on or before Friday August 12th, 2016 to:

Please send each proposal as a separate email.

Proposal template: Proposal Template File

File naming: Before emailing your session proposal, please rename the file as per this example.
Surname_First name initial_Session format.doc (Session format = 15, 25, 50, FF, or P)
Example: Smith_B_50.doc