Finding a student tutor

Student Services compiles a list of student tutors available during the academic year. Students may select the tutor from the list and contact them directly. Arrangements can then be made with the tutor regarding date, location, time, and fee before the service is provided. We recommend setting an introductory meeting to ensure both parties are happy before starting a paid session. 

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please complete the tutor registration form. For further information contact Adam Kelly.

Tutors are self-nominated and are not vetted by the university.  When hiring a tutor, check that they are able to assist with your particular course and concerns. Make sure to meet in a safe and public location and agree on hours and fees ahead of time.

This list will be updated as tutors become available.

Tutors by faculty by course

These are first segmented by the faculty of the course. For example, Mathematics for Business I (MATH*1853) would be found under the Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering, not under the Faculty of Business.

 Faculty of Arts

Subject Tutor Name Preferred languages Email address
COMS - Various Jessica Raven English
ENGL1001 - Intro to the Study of English Literature Jessica Raven English
ENGL - Children's, Young Adult, Survey up to 18th Century, Renaissance, Romantic, Victorian, Neo-Victorian Jessica Raven English
PHIL1001 & 1002 - Intro to Philosophy Robert Finn English
Brittany Skelding English, French
PHIL2034 - Religion and Ethics Paul Farquharson English
POLS - Various Paul Farquharson English
POLS - Canadian & Modern Robert Finn English
PSYC1003 - Intro to Psychology I Dani Webster English
Harold Oh English 
Christa Russell English
Logan Perry English
PSYC1004 - Intro to Psychology II Christa Russell English
Harold Oh English
Allison Olsen English
Logan Perry English
PSYC2901 & PSYC3913 - Statistics Brittany Skelding English, French
PSYC3553 - Psychopathology Brittany Skelding English, French
SOCI1001 - Intro to Sociology Brittany Skelding English, French
Taher Ahmed English
UNIV1003 - Everything I Need to Know in First Year Brittany Skelding English, French
Writing & editing Jessica Raven English

Faculty of Business

Subject Tutor Name Preferred languages Email address
BA1605 & BA2606 - Business Decision Analysis I & II Belinda Goodine English

BA4229 & BA4231 Advanced Financial Accounting I & II

Yan Yang English, Mandarin

BA4237 - Income Taxation

Yan Yang English, Mandarin 
BA*2** - Accounting (pre-advanced) Belinda Goodine English  
ECON1013 - Introduction to Microeconomics Yanan Wu Chinese
Taher Ahmed English

Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering (SASE)



Preferred languages


BIOL1017 - Applications in Biology, Part II Harold Oh English 
BIOL1105 - Biological Principles, Part I  Harold Oh English
BIOL1441 & 1442 - Anatomy and Physiology I & II Logan Perry English
CHEM1041 & CHEM1072 - General Chemistry I & II Logan Perry English 
Harold Oh English
Samantha Williams English
CS - Various Hongchang Bao English
Taher Ahmed English
CS1073 & CS1083 - Introduction to Computer Programming I & II (in Java) Catherine Kaser English
HSCI2001 - Introduction to Health Brittany Skelding English, French
INFO1103 - Data and Information Management Hongchang Bao English
Taher Ahmed English
MATH1*** - All introductory courses Zhengyang Wang English, Mandarin
MATH1003 - Introduction to Calculus I Taher Ahmed English
MATH1503 - Introduction to Linear Algebra Taher Ahmed English
MATH1853 - Mathematics for Business I Yanan Wu Chinese
MATH2523 - Differential equations & series (A) Zhengyang Wang English, Mandarin
Taher Ahmed English
MATH3343 - Networks & Graphs (A) Zhengyang Wang English, Mandarin
MATH3503 - Differential Equations for Engineers Taher Ahmed English
NURS1011 - Nursing as a Profession Allison Olsen English
STAT1793 - Intro to Probability and Statistics I Zhengyang Wang English, Mandarin
Hongchang Bao English
STAT2593 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers Taher Ahmed English
STAT2793 - Intro to Probability and Statistics II Hongchang Bao English
STAT2263 - Statistics for Health Sciences and Non-Science Majors Allison Olsen English
This list was last updated March 6, 2019.