Writing Centre

UNB Saint John Hans W. Klohn CommonsThe Writing Centre provides one-on-one tutorials with professional writing consultants, free of charge, to all students at UNB Saint John.

Arranging a tutorial

We ask that you book an appointment in advance. If you're unable to attend a booked appointment, you must cancel it, using the online booking site, at least two hours in advance.

Before your appointment time, simply attach your document to your appointment in the schedule. The writing consultant will provide written feedback using Track Changes and margin comments; you’ll be notified when your reviewed document is ready for download. More details can be found at the top of the schedule.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a finished essay to come to the Writing Centre? We work with students at all stages of the writing process, whether they are beginning to organize their thoughts and have yet to write a word, or have completed a rough draft that requires some final improvements.

Will the Writing Centre proofread my essay? No. We work with you to identify ways of strengthening your writing on every level, enabling you to become a better editor and proofreader of your own work.

Who uses the Writing Centre? Students of every level of writing proficiency use the Writing Centre - some are struggling to pass, and some are looking for ways to turn an A- paper into an A. Members of faculty also use our services for pieces of their own writing that are destined for publication or presentation at conferences. All writers benefit from having another reader consider their work and make suggestions.

Getting the most out of your appointment

Please note: for Fall 2020, all appointments are virtual.

  • Make an appointment several days ahead of the assignment’s due date to give yourself adequate time to think about the tutor’s comments and integrate revisions into your essay
  • Bring your assignment sheet
  • Bring a double-spaced version of any written material to accommodate notes made by you and the tutor
  • Think about your goals for the session; for example, do you have particular questions about the nature of the assignment or about your draft?
  • If you have written a previous essay in the same course, bring the marked essay with you so that the tutor can see what sorts of weaknesses your professor has identified in your writing

How to make an appointment

  • Appointments may be made up to 4 weeks in advance
  • You can book up to four appointments at a time, and may book a maximum of two a week, one a day
  • If you are unable to attend a booked appointment, you must cancel it, using the online booking system, at least two hours in advance of the appointment.
  • If you fail to appear for two appointments without cancelling, you may have your Writing Centre privileges revoked and be required to meet with the Director of Student Services before further appointments may be booked
  • Only work for UNB Saint John academic courses can be the subject of Writing Centre tutorials; assignments from Saint John College ESL courses cannot be considered
  • Only your work, since you are attending the appointment, can be considered (including group projects to which you are contributing)
  • Tutors cannot predict grades or comment on grades assigned, and cannot fulfill the duties of teaching assistants; specific questions about course content should be directed to the professor or TA