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Degree checklists

These forms are an informal guide only and not a definitive answer to graduation status. You should always meet with an advisor to confirm academic plans. The UNB Academic Calendar is the official source of information regarding degree information and academic issues. 

BSc - Major program tracking checklists

Use these self-tracking checklists to record the courses you have already completed and identify the classes you still need to take.

If you are a Bachelor of Science (BSc) student, select your checklist according to when you declared your major. If you are a Computer Science (BScCS) student, choose according to when you began your degree.

If you require a checklist from a previous year that is no longer listed, email

BSE - Engineering checklists

Note that APSC 1013 (5ch) and APSC 1023 are no longer offerred. APS 1013 is equivalent to APSC 1011 (4ch) + APSC 1015 (1ch); APSC 1023 is equivalent to APSC 1021 (4ch) and APSC 1025 (1ch).