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Student Technology Fee Guidelines


  • To directly enhance innovative use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) based teaching, learning, research and administrative services for all students.


  • Fulfill the mandate of the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC).  
  • Provide maximum benefit to maximum number of students. 
  • Submissions with regard to specific courses, programs and/or closed technology laboratories shall be evaluated on the basis of the number of students who may benefit from the expenditure.  
  • If affecting a small number of students, will provide a large benefit.  
  • STF revenues should not be used to fund items that are already funded by fee for service or other mechanisms (example: printers). 
  • Approved proposals shall be spread around as many departments as possible.  
  • The STF is the main source of funding for a renewal cycle of public labs on a schedule to be recommended by ISS. Laptops purchased for lending to students are also renewed on a cycle recommended by ISS. The extent of renewal implemented in any given year is subject to approval of the STFC.


  • Available funds are defined as the aggregate of the STF approved by the Board for collection from students at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus as well as any unspent funds from previous years. Available funds for the coming year shall be estimated for the purposes of this committee's deliberations during the annual planning and budgeting cycle.  
  • A 10% reserve shall be maintained from available funds in the event project overruns occur on approved projects, or projected revenues do not match actual revenue.  
  • Project expenditures should be implemented by Dec 31st of that fiscal year.  
  • When possible, projects are to be implemented during the summer of the year in which they were approved, or as soon as possible thereafter.  
  • Any unspent funds from completed projects shall remain in the fund and be carried over to the next budget year.  
  • Where project submissions approved by the STFC are subsequently executed for less funding than approved (i.e. savings), the committee may increase the number of appropriate projects funded with the remaining funds.  
  • Items purchased and/or implemented by the Committee shall be identified through signage or other such measures as the Committee considers appropriate, as "Tech Fee Funded". Funding for identification of tech fee projects shall come from the reserve fund. 


  • A majority of the STFC is required for funding approval of a project submission.  
  • The Co-Chairs of the STFC may approve project cost over runs of up to $1,000 without obtaining a vote. All other project over runs must be approved by a minimum of 51% of the voting members.


  • Submissions must support the mandate of the STF.  
  • Submissions are for one-time funding. (For example: faculties or departments sponsoring club or organizations must assume annual insurance costs of new equipment, and other related expenses.)  
  • Submissions may include equipment and materials.  
  • Submissions may include such furniture and equipment, alteration & renovation or non-space related amounts as are required, at the discretion of the committee, to effectively execute the project. If appropriate, submissions must include network and electrical upgrades (check with Facilities Management). It is not the responsibility of the committee to identify such requirements and the funding of such requirements shall be at the discretion of the committee.  
  • Submissions must be sponsored by a member of the University faculty, administration, support staff, student organizations, or individual student.
  • The execution of projects will be managed by the Co-Chairs of the STFC.  
  • Parties submitting or sponsoring projects are responsible for any and all ongoing costs with regard to those projects. A plan for ongoing support and management of the project must be included in the proposal.

Submissions Process

  • A request for submissions shall generally be posted for faculty and support staff, undergraduate and graduate students via electronic newsletter and/or such other publication measures as the committee considers appropriate. A call for applications will be made by mid-fall of each year. 
  • The STFC will review projects for approval prior to February 15th of each year.  
  • Submissions are reviewed by Committee and recommendations are submitted to the Vice President’s office. 
  • Project proposals may be modified, or conditions attached within the STFC through discussions with the proposal submitters.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the STFC to verify configuration, costs and expected impact upon existing resources. 
  • Applicable submissions by individual students will be developed, if possible, into formal proposals by STFC members.  


Revised: January 2018

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