Scantron Marking Process for Multiple Choice Assessments

Educational Technology Services (ETS) through the use of a scantron device, provides a quick and efficient way of evaluating multiple choice exams or instructor-designed student opinion surveys. Departments are responsible for stocking their own optical sheets (forms) but ETS will mark them for you. 

To have your Scantron forms marked, you must do the following:

  1. Fill in an answer key for every test version.
  2. Set these answer keys on top of the pile of student forms and place them all in an envelope. The pile of student forms can be in any order, you do not need to collate.
  3. Label this envelope clearly with the following information:
    1. instructor's name
    2. instructor's email address
    3. course number (example: CS1803)
    4. course title (example: Introduction to Computers and Systems).
  4. Drop this envelope off at the HWKC Information desk where you will be asked to sign them in.
  5. The Marker will be checking regularly for dropped off forms but you should also inform Kris Doucet by emailing
  6. Once the test has been marked the Marker will email you the results in a text file. The Marker will also print an item analysis report and a roster report. These reports will be placed back into the envelope along with the forms and returned to the HWKC Circulation desk for you to pick up.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kris Doucet / / 648-5954.