New students

All students complete core courses covering the biological and social determinants of health, current health issues, and the management of healthcare services. In your first year you will explore a range of health issues in Canada and globally in the core health (HEAL) courses (HEAL 1001 and HEAL 1002); and take introductory courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology and business.

The aim is to provide a good base to grow from and help you find out where your true interests lie. In your first year, you will take:

  • BA 1501 Introduction to Business (3ch)
  • BIOL 1105 Biological Principles, Part I (3ch)
  • BIOL 1205 Biological Principles, Part II (3ch)
  • BIOL 1017 Applications in Biology, Part II Laboratory (2ch)
  • CHEM 1041 General Chemistry I (3ch) OR CHEM 1831 What on Earth Isn’t Chemistry (3ch)*
  • CHEM 1046 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I (2ch)
  • CHEM 1072 General Chemistry II (3ch) and CHEM 1077 Introductory Chemistry Lab (2ch)


  • CHEM 1872 General Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (3ch) and CHEM 1877 General Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (2ch)*
  • HEAL 1001 Current Issues and Future Trends in Health (3ch)
  • HEAL 1002 Introduction to Health from a Global Perspective (3ch)
  • PSYC 1003 Introductory Psychology I (3ch)
  • PSYC 1004 Introductory Psychology II (3ch)
  • SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology (3ch)
  • *which introductory Chemistry course a student takes will depend on if they have done Grade 12 Chemistry.

Over the four years of the degree program, all bachelor of health students also take the following core required courses:

  • HEAL 2001 Health Communications (3ch)
  • HEAL 2002 Introduction to Data Analytics & Health Information Technology (3ch)
  • HEAL 2003 Methods in Health Research and Information Literacy (3ch)
  • HEAL 3001 History and Structure of the Canadian Health Care System (3ch)
  • HEAL 3002 Indigenous Health Determinants (3ch)
  • HEAL 4001 Transformation Through Collaboration & Innovation I (3ch)
  • HEAL 4002 Transformation Through Collaboration & Innovation II (3ch)
  • HIST 2514 First Nations in North America to the War of 1812 (3ch) OR ABRG 1002 Introduction to Indigenous Studies (3ch)
  • SOCI 2376 Sociology of Health, Illness and Healing (3ch)
  • STAT 2263 Statistics for Health Sciences and Non-Science Majors (3ch)
  • Plus the specific requirements for the chosen major.