Unscheduled incidents

Facilities Management is able to plan ahead for most situations that could cause a disruption of service. We will provide as much notice as possible; however, there will be occasions when the weather or an unplanned interruption in a utility will cause disruption or inconvenience. In most cases, Facilities Management is equipped to manage the effects of storms, to repair UNB Saint John utilities, or provide information on the return to service if the cause is the result of a problem with university owned systems. 

Power failures 

Power failures can be the result of an incident with our own equipment or with equipment belonging to Saint John Energy. In either case, electricians will be called to repair the problem as soon as possible.

If the problem originates with Saint John Energy, Facilities Management will be in contact with Saint John Energy and if you require information you may contact Facilities Management (648-5666) during working hours, or Security (648-5675) after hours. 

Water disruptions

As with power failures, disruptions or problems with the water supply can originate either with UNB equipment or with City of Saint John equipment. Should there be any unplanned disruptions in water service or any discolouration of water, please contact us during working hours, or UNB Security after hours. The source of the problem will be traced and you will be advised regarding return to normal service.

Other similar events

It is the responsibility of Facilities Management to rectify failures to cooling, ventilation and heating systems. Such failures should be reported to us immediately at 648-5666.

Failures to computer related facilities or audio-visual equipment are the responsibility of Integrated Technology Services and should be reported to that department.