Services funded by the general operating budget 

Facilities Management receives a budget allocation each year to maintain and operate facilities which are directly related to the mission of the University of New Brunswick. The following services are rendered without charge to the University community at large:

•    Building maintenance services
•    Campus mail delivery
•    Fire protection services
•    Housekeeping services
•    Landscape and grounds maintenance
•    Estimates and design done in-house for renovations
•    Utilities distribution and maintenance

Services charged to requesting departments

Facilities Management does not receive a budget allocation for some of our services and must charge the requesting department. The following are examples of services which must be paid for by the requesting department or other source.

•    Painting and redecorating if for reasons other than maintenance
•    Repair work to specialized laboratory equipment
•    Moving of furniture and equipment
•    Maintenance and repair of department equipment
•    Repair of vandalism when it can be identified to an individual

Note: Purchase or replacement of air conditioners regardless of ownership requires the authorization of the Director of Facilities Management.