Reserve your regalia

Reserve by May 3

Regalia rentals are available from March 4 to May 3. All graduands attending the ceremony are required to reserve regalia during this time period. The fee for renting regalia is $60 plus tax. This is the only fee associated with graduation.

Regalia pick-up: Friday, May 17 from 10 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. in K.C. Irving Hall, Room 106

Regalia return: Immediately after the ceremony in K.C. Irving Hall, Room 106

Gowns and hoods must be returned following the convocation ceremony. For Bachelor’s and Master’s degree recipients, the souvenir academic cap and tassel are yours to keep. For PhDs, the doctoral academic beefeater caps must be returned.

Concurrent degrees

Graduands receiving more than one degree should make themselves known to the Marshal at the rehearsal. If you are unable to attend, then on the day of the ceremony you will need to locate a Marshal for instructions while in the Quad. You will receive specific instructions regarding receiving your second degree.

Concurrent degree graduands will require two hoods – one representing each degree, for example BA/BEd. When placing your rental order (gown, hood, cap) through the regalia rental site for the first degree, select the option to “add more to order” to reserve a second hood at no additional charge. You will pick up both hoods at the same time with your gown. All rental regalia must be returned immediately following the ceremony. If both hoods are not returned with the gown, graduates will be responsible for paying replacement costs.

Academic dress

Academic dress is worn at graduation ceremonies and includes the academic robe (gown), academic cap (mortarboard or doctoral academic beefeater cap) and hood. The regalia worn by each participant depends upon the academic level attained: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates. See a guide to UNB's ceremonial dress.

The proper way for graduands to wear their hoods is with the colour turned out on the left shoulder. The proper way to wear caps: tassel on left side before graduation and tassel on right side after graduation. Graduands have the option of not wearing a cap. Indigenous graduands are invited to wear academic dress over their own regalia. Members of the military and the RCMP may wear academic dress over their dress uniform.

All UNB graduands must wear appropriate regalia and should consider the distance covered by the academic procession when selecting footwear.

UNB asks that graduands do not take personal belongings such as purses, phones, backpacks, jackets, flowers, confetti or balloons on stage.