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Mustapha Ibn Boamah


“My current research project focuses on long-term interest rate changes since the 2008-2009 Great Recession when short-term policy rates declined to zero or near zero in several inflation-targeting OECD countries. The relative movements of long-term and short-term interest rates provide useful information on the credibility of monetary policy.”

Selected recent publications

Alam, J., Ibn-Boamah, M., & Moir, R. (2018). An Examination of the Social Economy: Some New Theoretical Insights. International Journal of Social Economics, 45 (6), 940-956.

Ibn Boamah, M. (2018), “Real interest parity: Evidence from trade partnerships,” in the Review of Financial Economics

Ibn-Boamah, M. (2017). “Common Stocks and Inflation: An Empirical Analysis of G7 and BRICS.” Atlantic Economic Journal, 45 (2), 213-224.

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