Yoga: Fridays at 12:00pm (Table tennis room)

Increase balance, stability and inner strength through this 50-minute session. This class blends a variety of yoga traditions, and combines breathing techniques with postures to foster a focussed, alert and calm mind. You are welcome whether new to, or continuing in yoga. Mats are provided.

$30.00/ participant.  Please register in the Athletics Office, G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Ctr. Maximum: 25 participants

Tabata: Mondays at 4:15pm (Gymnasium)

Tabata, consists of fast paced movements sets for 20-30 second intervals and a rest interval of 10 seconds. Conditions and strengthens the body aerobically and anaerobically.

Strength & Toning: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12:05pm (Gymnasium)

Strength and toning for muscle gain and body composition improvement. Resistance exercises that are circuit based, use of some weights.

**All classes should be done at a discretionary pace, dependant on individual fitness level**

Fitness classes (non-yoga) are free for faculty, students and staff. For individual memberships please contact 506-648-5532