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How research funding works

The University of New Brunswick provides a wide variety of flexible research funding models that can be tailored to meet each partners objective. 

Funding models between external partners and UNB researchers can either be based on a grant-focused or contract-focused model. A grant-focused model provides adaptability for the researcher to explore a wider variety of interests. A contract-focused model provides the external partner with more directed research and defined deliverables. 

Pre-Award Services, along with Research and Innovation Partnerships, helps guide external partners and UNB researchers through the agreement process. 

Information for UNB researchers

If you're a UNB researcher looking for information on developing funding opportunities with external partners, please consult the External Funding or Tri-Council pages on our internal website. 

Grants Contracts
ORS Pre-Submission Review Process, Signature Policy, Copies of Applications, Budget Formulation & Animal Care and Safety Policies Characteristics of a Contract, Types of Contracts, Budget Formulation, Publication Rights, Confidentiality Agreements, Signature Policy & Contract Default: Procedures and Remedies
Project/Proposal is well defined, but generally there is no formal agreement Well-defined, legally-binding statement of work, obligations and responsibilities
No specific deliverables except for progress/final reports Specific deliverables defined
Flexible time frame; may have milestones, but requires no detailed schedule of work Detailed work schedule with milestones, including a date for final deliverables
Generally lump-sum payments (i.e., not on a reimbursable basis); investigator fees are normally ineligible Investigator fees may be included in budget
Freedom to publish; in most cases, the intellectual property belongs to the investigator May have some restrictions on publication; intellectual property normally belongs to UNB or its researchers and the sponsor is granted an option to license
Grant paid in advance Payments generally based on invoicing and may be subject to performance; holdbacks normally apply
Usually no overhead (or administration fee) recovery Overhead recovery mandatory

Information for UNB researchers

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