Visualization for Circuit Optimization

The purpose of this project is to enhance the verilog-to-routing (VTR) academic tool for use by commercial partners. The tool has been developed over the last ten years and used extensively by the academic community and industrial researchers to explore new programmable computing architectures. Huawei Technologies Canada has expressed serious interest in the tool as they have been using it for some time internally to perform initial research on next generation computing hardware for mobile phones. As such, they have proposed a collaborative project to further develop the tool for their needs. However, the development is focused on the needs of Huawei specifically and does not include all components that would be desirable for other potential commercialization opportunities. This project proposes to add two key aspects for a more broadly-based commercialization approach. First, a software tool for visualization of the circuits in the verilog-to-routing tool. Such a visualization will make the tool more usable. Second, a more robust and higher quality software product through extensive testing and software quality enhancements. The deliverables of the project will be a stand-alone software tool that can be used by other commercialization partners, not just software that can be integrated into Huawei's product(s).

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