Project Areas

The Centre for Advanced Studies–Atlantic (CAS–Atlantic) conducts research in partnership with industrial collaborators, large and small. Since our founding in 2011, numerous projects have been completed, are ongoing, or are in development.

Current Work

Currently, we are working with IBM Canada Ltd. on four projects: Optimizing and Integrating Node.js for Distributed and Multicore Clouds, Memory Organization based on Data Temperature, Load Stall Minimization, and OMR for the Internet-of-Things.

In addition, we are collaborating with Huawei Technologies Canada on Architecture and Tool Research for Embedded FPGA; with 45 Drives Inc. and Lockheed-Martin on a High Performance Clustered Secure Storage Solution; and with Eyesover Technologies Inc. on Error Analysis for Political Prediction Software.

As part of the Atlantic Digital Grid project, with other teams from the University of New Brunswick and industrial partners NB Power, Siemens Canada Emera and NS Power, we are performing research on an Energy System Platform.

Previous Work

Our founding project was Accelerating Java Using Massive Multicore Systems. From 2011-2019, we focused on topics in Garbage Collection (GC), Massive Multicore VMs, Memory Compaction, and the Virtual Machine (VM) Core itself.

We have also had significant projects with Butterfly Energy Systems on an Internet gateway and mobile client app for their energy management system; with the Black Arcs on performance optimization and scaling for simulations of urban planning; with Protocase Inc./45 Drives on performance analysis and data logging on their Storinator product line; and with WEnTech Solutions (now anessa) on architectures for their biogas software.

We maintain interest and experience in all these topic areas and welcome discussion on potential new projects.

Opportunities for Students

Most of our current projects are fully staffed, but some openings currently exist and we often have new projects under development. Visit our Prospective Students page for more information.