High Performance Clustered Secure Storage Solution

Project Purpose

In collaboration with 45 Drives, a subsidiary of Protocase Inc. of Sydney N.S., this project aims to develop a high-performance storage cluster with enhanced cybersecurity features. Based upon their Storinator product line, 45 Drives is designing a high-performance architecture that prioritizes capacity per dollar, for which they have identified several use cases. Several of these use cases could be served by a storage solution built on Ceph, erasure-coding and other elements of cybersecurity. Ceph is a fault-tolerant, open-source, highly-scalable, object-based storage project with a built-in file system for user navigation. However, Ceph authentication protocols do not currently provide secrecy for messages in transit nor does it encrypt user data in the object store. Once authenticated, the Ceph Object Gateway does support server-side encryption of uploaded objects. Server-side encryption means that data sent to the Ceph Object Gateway is unencrypted. Erasure coding can be useful in fault-tolerant systems with large quantities of data, such as disk array systems and object stores.

We hypothesize that we can use erasure-coding with Ceph to build a super-dense storage cluster that provides data protection and encryption to achieve all of the goals desired by 45 Drives. To achieve this, we need to integrate both technologies and ensure that the data protection of erasure-coding does not compromise the security available in Ceph nor degrade performance below acceptable levels.
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