Atlantic Laboratory for Avian Research

ALAR Lab Members, 2018 (from left to right): Mark Baran, Chris Ward, Lauren Scopel, Dr. Tony Diamond, Stephanie Symons, and Mark Dodds.

At the Atlantic Laboratory for Avian Research at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) we investigate relationships between bird populations and environmental change, however caused. We work mainly in marine, forested and island ecosystems.

The lab was formerly the UNB node of the Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network (ACWERN). This collaboration among three Atlantic universities (UNB, Acadia and Memorial) with Environment Canada/Canadian Wildlife Service and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), provided research and training in wildlife ecology to many successful graduate and undergraduate students between 1995 and 2009.

The UNB node alone published over 60 papers during this period.

ACWERN was dissolved by Environment Canada in 2009. It now operates as the Atlantic Laboratory for Avian Research or ALAR.

A story map of the Puffins of Machias Seal Island, produced as a joint project between the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Chapters) and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. All photos by Nick Hawkins.

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Dr. Tony Diamond is jointly appointed as Research Professor in Wildlife Ecology with Biology and Forestry faculties, on the Fredericton campus of the University of New Brunswick. Should you be interested in learning or studying more about ALAR please contact Dr. Tony Diamond.

Dr. Tony Diamond
University of New Brunswick

Ed Czerwinski
University of New Brunswick
Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management