Harnessing the power of digital

The McKenna Institute is a connector and a catalyst, collaborating with industry, government, non-profits and academia to design a technology-enabled future that improves life for every New Brunswicker.

Talent acceleration

Digital transformation requires a rich pool of people with a diverse set of skills and mindsets. The McKenna Institute is helping to create a robust talent pipeline that can support the growth of a digital economy.

With a focus on underrepresented groups and minorities, we collaborate with stakeholders in education, industry and government to nurture a much larger and more diverse workforce for the digital marketplace.

Talent acceleration also transcends the tech sector. The McKenna Institute will help leaders reskill for the digital marketplace and support industries in adapting.

We do this through programs like IBM SkillsBuild, an online educational platform where all New Brunswickers can access free upskilling and re-skilling courses in areas like cybersecurity, AI, problem-solving, web development, project management and more.

Through these types of targeted training and employment initiatives and strategic chairs, the McKenna Institute will nurture a workforce that’s ready for the incredible opportunity before us.

Idea acceleration

Big ideas can change the world, but they need support to go from concept to reality. The McKenna Institute nurtures progress by convening and connecting the brightest minds in New Brunswick and beyond.

With a focus on applied research, commercialization, emerging technologies and modernized public services, The McKenna Institute is a spawning ground for new initiatives. It’s also a venue for the most fascinating speakers and thinkers in our province–and around the globe.

Engaging communities

Digital transformation isn’t just for engineers and coders–it affects everyone. The McKenna Institute believes technology can enrich the lives of all New Brunswickers and narrow the digital divide.

Through community-based projects and local leadership development initiatives, we will seek to support homegrown, technology-based solutions to our most pressing challenges.

A digitally transformed New Brunswick will span our urban and rural communities, creating opportunities and a renewed sense of pride and possibility.