Registration will be in the Dunn Kidd Tibbits Lounge, 42 McKay Drive, between 12 pm - 5 pm, on Sunday, July 3.

At this time, we will be verifying that we have received your medical information and consent forms. You will receive a binder with information for the month, find out where your room is and get your keys. We will take a mug shot of you for posterity then you can start moving all your stuff in.

In order to receive your keys you must give us a $130 returnable deposit. We would ask that you give us a cheque payable to SHAD UNB, which we would cash in the event your keys become lost. 

We must know your arrival time and method of transportation (including flight information). This should be included in your packages and sent promptly to UNB SHAD at

Make sure you have our coordinates - telephone number, mailing address and email - with you when arriving at the airport or the bus station in case of an emergency or you need to contact us for whatever reason.
 If you are arriving earlier than Sunday, July 5, you may stay on campus. It is up to you to make arrangements through the UNB Residence office at (506) 453-4800.

Please let us know in your package where you will be staying if you are arriving early. If you are arriving after 5 pm on Sunday, July 3, please inform us well in advance so the necessary arrangements can be made to get you settled into your room. Note that you will be missing crucial introductory information if you cannot be at UNB before 5 pm!