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Document management

For participants of CubeSat NB, documents are managed using these information platforms:

Software repositories - Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP)

CCP teams

The 15 teams are indicated with some information about their CubeSat's names and permanent web addresses.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will we be building the CubeSat?
    • We are designing it now. We have been designing since May 4, 2018, Star Wars Day; may the fourth be with you. Some parts of it have been built, but as usual with a design process, we have identified issues which causes us to make adjustments in the design.
  • When will the CubeSat be launched into space?
    • The plan is to give the CubeSat to Canadian Space Agency (CSA) around November of 2021. The CSA will give the CubeSat to NanoRacks. NanoRacks will bring the CubeSat to the International Space Space (ISS). The actual date that the CubeSat will be deployed from the ISS is unknown.
  • How much will it cost to build?
    • As part of the CCP, the CSA gave 15 teams grants between $200,00 and $250,000. CubeSat NB, which contains, NBCC, UdeM, and UNB got one of those grants. The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation is also supporting CubeSat NB
  • How much will it cost to launch into space?
    • It will cost CubeSat NB nothing to launch it because the CSA is paying for the launch services for all 15 teams in the CCP.
  • CubeSats are sometimes called birds; why not name the CubeSat after New Brunswick's bird, the chickadee?
    • We took a while to name our CubeSat. Chickadee was discussed. An overwhelming majority of the votes among the choices was VIOLET. The decision was made on August 14, 2019. VIOLET is not an acronym.

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