About the program

University is about more than just going to classes and studying. The activities that you take part in outside of the classroom matter. The clubs you join, the events you attend, and the time spent with peers accumulate to create your experience at UNB and contribute to your overall learning. Don’t let your involvement at UNB go untracked and unnoticed.

That’s where the UNB Co-Curricular Program (CCP) comes in. Employers and graduate schools are looking for the kinds of experience and skills that you develop by completing the program. Once you join the CCP you can start tracking your achievements immediately.

The program provides you with enough flexibility to not only complete it on your own time, but you tailor the experiences to suit your interests and goals

Common questions

The six themes

Career Development involves exploring career options, crafting a plan for your future, and gaining meaningful experience to kick-start your career or entry into graduate and/or professional school.

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Global and Cultural Awareness is the understanding of your place in the world as a global citizen. Engaging with diverse perspectives, values, cultures, environmental and social issues, and creative and artistic outlets fosters this awareness.

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Personal Development is a life-long process of exploring and articulating your beliefs and values, identifying and enhancing your skills and abilities, and striving for personal balance: healthy mind, body and spirit.

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Leadership & Entrepreneurship is about exploring and developing your leadership style, creating opportunities for yourself and others, and participating in meaningful leadership roles. You will learn to lead others, and lead with others, toward a common goal.

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Civic/Social Responsibility will challenge you to take on an active role in community life. Engaged citizens participate in democratic processes, seek to understand social issues, and make a difference in the community through social action.

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Proudly UNB is all about discovering and enhancing your sense of belonging at UNB. You will be engaged and contribute to the spirit and purpose of our university.

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Co-curricular activities

A co-curricular activity can be anything that is an extension of your formal learning and contributes to your overall life experience. Volunteering at a local charity, attending a workshop or lecture, taking a yoga class, acting in a play, or tutoring a classmate are all examples of co-curricular activities.

Other events (in-person or virtual) in the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Lunch & Learns
  • Cultural events
  • Academic lectures or guest speakers
  • Athletic events
  • Workshops (career, financial, time manangment, etc.)
  • Peer Mentor programs
  • Leadership training & workshops
  • Orientation events
  • And so much more!

Enrich your university experience

  • Enrich your university experience beyond the classroom
  • Complement your degree and personalize your experience
  • Demonstrate personal, professional, and people skills to employers and graduate schools

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Once you've completed the entire program you will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Vice-President, Academic from your campus. Additionally, you can create a print out of all of the activities you have completed at any point during the program.

The reflections you complete at the end of each theme are designed to help you articulate the learning you experienced throughout each theme. You can use this information in an interview or another professional setting.

Throughout the program you'll build relevant skills that will complement your academic degree and help get you ready for a career or further studies. And most of all, completing the activities in the program is fun!