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Energizing the student experience

Get involved. Stay connected. Showcase your whole university experience. Getting involved at UNB starts with joining the Co-Curricular Program.

Get involved

"The program allowed me to track my accomplishments and it also provided me with a meaningful resource to put on my resume that reflected my involvement on campus. The program is great because it is as involved as you want it to be. You can choose which outcome areas to focus on and sometimes completing a task is as easy as attending an event you would have gone to anyways".
Jill Pelkey

"At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of clubs, societies and activities that were available at UNB, but thanks to the Co-Curricular Program I was able to better organize the options I had. This program is fantastic in the way that it lists many on (and off) campus ways to get involved such as attending cultural shows downtown or simply participating in UNB’s annual Shinerama event".
MacKenzie Scott

"The Co-Curricular Program is an invaluable resource for university students. As a first-year student, I am confident that this initiative will encourage me to get involved in important aspects of the university life that I otherwise would not have exposed myself to".
Austin Henderson

"Achieving balance between academics, a social life, and extracurriculars can be difficult, but participating in the program allows you to easily track your extracurriculars and have new experiences. The six different themes really allow you to realize what your strengths already are, as well as areas where you can strive for personal development".
Jessica Anne Weagle