Reserving regalia

Reserve your regalia by Sept. 23

Regalia rentals are available from Sept. 1 - 23, 2022. All graduates attending the ceremony are required to reserve their regalia during this time period. The fee for renting regalia is $50 plus tax. This is the only fee associated with graduation.

Gowns, academic caps and hoods will be available for pick up on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 1 – 2:50 p.m., in The Richard J. CURRIE CENTER, Alberta Alumni Recreation Centre, first floor. Gowns and hoods must be returned to the same location following the convocation ceremony. The souvenir academic cap and tassel are yours to keep.

Graduands will also pick up their parade cards from the Alberta Alumni Recreation Centre between 1 - 2:50 p.m. This is the card to be presented to the Orator from which your name will be read as you cross the stage to graduate. In addition to your name, it will contain a number to ensure that you are lined up and seated in the correct order. If you neglected to pick up your parade card, you must locate a marshal prior to the ceremony to obtain your card.

How to wear your regalia

Academic dress is worn at graduation ceremonies and includes the academic robe (gown), hood and mortarboard.

Bachelor's degree: If you are receiving a bachelor’s degree, see the proper way to put on your regalia.

Master’s and PhD degree: You will carry your hood over your left arm. On stage, you will kneel on a kneeler and be hooded by either UNB’s President or Chancellor.