University of Chichester

University of Chichester

College Lane, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom

The University of Chichester can trace its origins back to 1839. In the early part of the 19th century, there was considerable debate about the role of church and state in university education. The campus was founded by William Otter, Bishop of Chichester, in 1839 and the original parts of the University still retain a strong sense of history.

The campus is set in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of green space to relax in and the desirable combination of attractive, historic buildings and excellent, modern facilities.

Chichester gained full university status in 2005 and prides itself on its friendly, close-knit feel. It is one of the smallest universities in the UK, with just over 5,000 students.

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Cost: High
External Funding Available: No
Availability: 1
Academic Dates:

Semester 1: mid-September to mid-December
Semester 2: early January to mid-May

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Program Type: Exchange
Language: English
Available Subjects: kinesiology and sports sciences , psychology
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Evan Belyea, on exchange in Fall 2015 and Winter 2016.


“This is my first time in Europe and it is quite different than quiet New Brunswick. Chichester is home to about 27 000 people and has more pedestrian traffic than I have ever seen in a town of its size. It’s quite difficult to stay on the sidewalk on the walk to school! Everyone here is very polite. The price of living here is quite expensive and it is hard not to spend a fair amount of money. It would be difficult to live here if I didn’t have the “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity” mindset. That has been helping me not just by justifying spending more money but also in class and in meeting new people.”

Katie Hooper, Kinesiology, on exchange in Fall 2015.

“My first impression of Chichester is that it is a cute little town just like Charlottetown. It is easy for me to walk to the grocery story and walk to school. This makes me less stressed. It is wonderful to have the feeling of relief while being abroad. Also, during y first week I was surprised at how friendly everyone was in my classes. A couple of the teachers introduced me as the new girl from Canada but I think that made more people talk to me. It was a little embarrassing but I know that it was a good idea.”

Brittany Pye, Kinesiology, on exchange in Winter 2015.

“Chichester is an absolutely beautiful place. The grass is green and the people are really friendly. Classes are very different than in Canada, no midterms and only a few final papers.”

Kirsten Van Slyke, BSKIN 2015, on exchange Fall 2013 and Winter 2014

“Definitely go for the whole year if you can instead of one semester. I think it would be too rushed to fit in everything you want to do in just one semester. It's more expensive to go for a whole year but I'm very glad I did.”

Andrew Keddy,BRSS.MGMT 2009, on exchange in Fall 2007

"I studied at the University of Chichester on the south coast of the United Kingdom. I lived in Bognor Regis at the University’s sister campus and commuted daily to classes in Chichester via the University’s intercampus shuttle bus. The award money I received while overseas was greatly appreciated and used quite well. The funds helped with the costs of airfare to and from the UK as well as a student visa. Having money to cover airfare and documentation allowed me to make the most of my time overseas. My award helped contribute to a myriad of alternative learning experiences in a number of different countries. Thanks to Scotia Bank’s award, I was fortunate enough to have enough extra money to tour through the streets of Spain, climb the Eiffel Tower in France, see the Coliseum and Vatican City in Italy, climb through the Swiss Alps, and browse the streets of Innsbruck in Austria, and explore the extensive canals of Amsterdam in Netherlands.

Never having left the country before, I traveled from Canada to the United Kingdom and returned to be greeted as a world traveler. I learned so much during my time overseas. The lessons I learned in classes at Chichester is no comparison to the extracurricular experiences and memories that will stay with me my whole life. The chance to mingle with international students is an incredible opportunity to gain friends from all over the world as well as see an alternative lifestyle and actually live a different culture. The experiences gained from traveling through so many different countries and exploring numerous places was a great opportunity to learn about new places and helped me to truly develop my own sense of what it means to be Canadian. I would recommend this experience to anyone who has the opportunity to do so. The experience is unrivalled by anything else likely to be partaken in throughout a student’s university career."