Teaching and Learning Spaces @ UNB

Teaching and learning doesn't just happen in a lecture hall.  At UNB, we support a range of formal and informal learning spaces that provide flexibility for different styles and needs.  We are committed to ensuring these spaces are not only intentionally designed with teaching principles in mind (such as flexible seating to increase student-instructor interaction), but also supported in an effective and sustainable way.  The Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) was created to serve as an advisory board providing university-wide input and oversight to our Teaching and Learning Spaces development, and Classroom Services was created to implement and support these initiatives and the UNB community.

Some examples of teaching and learning spaces at UNB are:

Tilley Hall Auditorium

Lecture Halls

The Fredericton campus provides five major lecture halls; Tilley Hall, MacLaggan Hall, Head Hall, Toole Hall, and Bailey Hall.  These auditoria are designed to focus the attention of a large group on a presenter or presentation.  They do this by providing large visible projector screens, distributed audio throughout the room, and tiered seating.


Tilley Hall Classroom


With over 100 classrooms of varying shapes, sizes, and configurations, UNB is committed to providing safe and effective spaces where learning can happen free of distractions and interruptions.  Sizes of these classrooms can vary from 25 to 100 seats with fixed or flexible seating.  This allows a range of teaching and learning styles to be used, from the traditional lecture, to discussions, to interactive and collaborative learning.


Chemistry Lab in Toole Hall



Through the various faculties on campus, UNB provides a number of different laboratories to facilitate scientific research, experiments, and measurement using controlled conditions.  Each of these labs are purposefully designed with the specific needs of the academic area in mind.



HIL Commons Group Study Room


Group Study Rooms

Private and informal group study rooms are available across the Fredericton campus for any student to use.  Wether it be for break out sessions, team meetings, or presentation practice, these rooms are designed with the specific needs of small group learning in mind.



HIL Commons Private Study Booth


Informal Learning Spaces

Open and private study areas are also available across campus, often in unexpected locations.  These areas are designed for groups or individual students to quickly access for short or extended study periods, and are a great way to find your quiet corner of the world to prepare for your upcoming exam.