WelcomeUNB Fredericton Campus

Welcome to Facilities Management at UNB Fredericton. Our goal is to provide you with information about the services we perform and how to request those services.

Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and care of over 80 buildings and 152 acres of campus properties as well as the related services throughout the Fredericton campus at the University of New Brunswick.

Mission Statement

Through professional stewardship of university buildings,roads, grounds and infrastructure, we will contribute towards providing an environment supportive of excellence and sustainability at UNB Fredericton.


As a valued partner of the UNBF community, we:UNB Fredericton Campus

  • Deliver exceptional customer service 
  • Provide exceptional facilities stewardship 
  • Maintain a positive work environment based on strong leadership, teamwork, integrity, respect, motivation, safety and professionalism 
  • Support a sustainable campus.


Providing superior facilities management through teamwork.