Office of Research Services

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The Office of Research Services (ORS), under the umbrella of the Office of the Vice-President (Research), seeks to support faculty members and researchers on both campuses in all stages of the research funding process. The office also helps to connect you with funding agencies, industry and external partners; promotes and facilitates partnerships between UNB and other research organizations; and handles the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry and other users. Specifically,

  • Pre-Award Services acts as the facilitator in dealings between the researcher, external partners and our funders. This division strives to provide support services for both grants and contracts. Pre-award services often works with external partners to determine the correct funding model for each opportunity. 

  • Post-Award Services (Research Financial Services) provides a range of helpful financial services, including accounting and financial administration, for all research funding (e.g., grants, contracts, contribution agreements, etc.).

  • Industry-Government Services focuses on opportunity development, research partnerships, and technology and knowledge transfer

If you are a researcher at UNB looking to find more information about research enterprise at UNB, please be sure to get in contact with us as soon as possible.

scent awareThe University of New Brunswick promotes a Scent Aware environment. ORS requests that, due to allergies and sensitivities to scented products and perfumes, any visitors refrain from wearing or using scented products if at all possible. Thank you.