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Queen's University Belfast

University Road Belfast, BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, UK

Queen's University Belfast was founded as Queen’s College in 1845, before becoming a university in its own right in 1908. Today, it is an international centre of research and education and a major part of the fabric of Northern Ireland. Queen’s is in the top one per cent of global universities.

With more than 23,000 students and 3,700 staff, it is a dynamic and diverse institution, a magnet for inward investment, a major employer and investor, a patron of the arts and a global player in areas ranging from cancer studies to sustainability, and from pharmaceuticals to creative writing.

Graduate exchanges

Fredrik S. Eaton, Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick from 1993 to 2003, and his wife Catherine established the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) - University of New Brunswick (UNB) Exchange Program in 2000 and contributed $1 million over a five - year period to endow the program. Thanks to their generosity, approximately $40,000 is available annually to support graduate students and faculty to study and conduct research in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast through Fellowships and Visitorships.

One graduate student per year from UNB and one graduate student per year from QUB have the opportunity to spend a minimum of 4 weeks or a maximum of 6 months at the other institution.

Interested students apply for the programme through UNB Research Services.

See //www.unb.ca/research/ors/preaward/funding.html for details and application deadlines.

Website URL: http://qub.ac.uk/
Accommodations: http://www.stayatqueens.com/sites/StayAtQueens/
Cost: High http://www.qub.ac.uk/home/StudyatQueens/UndergraduateStudents/FeesandFunding/Costofliving/
External Funding Available: No
Availability: 2
Academic Dates: http://www.qub.ac.uk/directorates/AcademicAffairs/SemesterDates/
Course Timetable: http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/gap/CurrentStudents/Undergraduate/Modules2015-2016/
Program Type: Exchange
Language: English
Available Subjects: anthropology , archeology , geography
Travel Information: http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/united-kingdom
Practical Information:

International Student Office: http://www.qub.ac.uk/sites/iss/

The Fredrik and Catherine Eaton Fellowships are open to Masters and Doctoral students enrolled in any program on the Fredericton or Saint John campus. Applications for Fellowships may be made for activities at Queen's University Belfast, including:

  • Research or study in one or more laboratories or institutions;
  • Course work;
  • Collaboration with a distinguished faculty member in the applicant’s field;
  • Presenting papers orposters at academic conferences.

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Visa Requirements:



YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Come2Queens
Additional Information: Fredrik and Catherine Eaton Visitorship & Fellowship for Students Awards.
See //www.unb.ca/research/ors/preaward/funding.html for details and application deadlines.