University of Bergen

University of Bergen

Langesgate 1-3, 5007 Bergen, Norway

The University of Bergen is a young and modern university. Yet, its focus on international co-operation has been essential from the beginning and has earned the institution the reputation of being Norway's most international university. Students and academics alike are certain to benefit from a rich and diversified mix of cultures and countries on campus. This international influence is also apparent and vital in the high profile research fields at the university.

Most of its premises are concentrated in the heart of the city of Bergen. There are about 14,500 students enrolled, and 3,200 faculty and staff.

The University's academic landscape is characterised by its great variety and breadth. Six faculties cover most of the traditional university disciplines. Within the faculties are included 60 different specialised departments, centres and institutes.

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Cost: High
External Funding Available: No
Availability: 1
Academic Dates:

Semester 1:mid-August to late December
Semester 2: early January to late June

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Program Type: Exchange
Language: English , Native language
Available Subjects: biology , business and entrepreneurship , chemistry , computer science , english literature , economics , french , geography , geology , german , health sciences , history , law , linguistics , marine biology , mathematics , philosophy , physics , political science , psychology , spanish , statistics , world literature and culture studies
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Kelsey Cail, Biology, on exchange in Fall 2015

“The country, and the people have been wonderful from the beginning. The weather has been mediocre, as per expected but I can truly say, Norway is going to be great.”

Madeleine Lawrence, BSc.BIOPS 2011, on exchange in Winter 2010

“There's no point in delaying travel until you retire. There's a big difference between just traveling abroad and actually living and studying abroad. You have to do everyday normal life things and you find more local spots as opposed to only touristy things that you would hit up if you only had a few days to spend in a place."